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Organic Agriculture

Our emphasis on certification is part of our enduring goal to produce great wines with a sense of place. And undergoing third-party certification is also essential to the leadership role we have committed ourselves to. Certification demonstrates that commitment in a verified, measurable way.


The Promise is Verified


In 2008, Southbrook was granted Certified Organic status under the Canadian Organic Regime (COR). Both grapes and wine are certified. We are now certified organic by ECOCERT.

The Journey Became the Destination 


Organic farming emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water. Organic winegrowing recognizes that healthy soils grow balanced grapes that produce the best wines. Organic winemaking uses natural processes and rejects the use of synthetic chemicals. Winemakers use organic grapes and native yeasts to create wines of great character and purity.

Doing More of Less 


We began our first year of transition to organic certification in late summer 2005, on 75 acres. We later doubled our holdings and have since earned certification for the entire property. Using no synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides nurtures our soils rather than depleting them. We encourage biodiversity on our estate, rather than trying to destroy it. We raise sheep that graze on our cover crop, and chickens that peck away at insects; both fertilize the vineyard.