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Organics & Biodynamic

Our decision to adopt organic and biodynamic farming methods was driven by our desire to develop the character and authenticity of the grapes to make the best wine possible. This was a full commitment to crafting wines representative of the vintage, variety and vineyard from where they are grown. We believe the best way to achieve this is by making sure our vineyard is as healthy and as sustainable as it can possibly be.

Here at Southbrook, we plant cover crops like mixed clovers and grasses that infuse nutrients into the soil and attract beneficial insects. Biodiversity – meaning the number and variety of species found within an ecosystem – is essential to maintain the balance of our vineyard, and creates richer soils with more nutrients.

Our Biodynamic method for growing vines elimates the use of herbicides, synthetic pesticides and fossil fuel-derived fertilizers and focuses on soil optimization. Along with cover crops, we use unique composts and sprays to encourage diverse microbial populations that will take Nitrogen and CO2 from the atmosphere and capture it within the soil.

We are proud of our farming philosophies and how it promotes harmony and balance in our vinyeard, in the cellar and in the bottle… and ultimately leads to a great result in the glass!

Vintage Report

The weather and warm and dry throughout most of the growing season. Bud break was on time and flowering benefitted to near perfect conditions for pollination. Warm weather continued throughout September and October.
The quality across all our Bordeaux varieties is exceptional. In addition, the aging potential of these wines will be extraordinary, with the Poetica 2020 having at least a 15 year drinkability window.

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