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Organic Wine Tastings

For a limited time, enjoy 2 for 1 Wine Tastings, to receive a discount, apply discount code: ORGANICWINE, during your checkout at Tock.


Taste Organic and Biodynamic wines, and choose your favourites to share with friends and family.

Join us for a tasting of organic and biodynamic wines. Our kitchen (see menu)  is open until 4pm Thursday - Sunday.




Special tastings: 

Glassware Tasting - The Glassware Tasting session will be led by Bill Redelmeier in the Oak Room. We will be using the Reidel Performance tasting sets. We will taste at least four wines, several times, in several different glasses and we will have a small cheese plate to help reset palates.
Dates: January 28, February 25, March 25. BOOK NOW

Sensory Tasting - The Sensory Tasting session will allow you to expand your ability to recognize the flavours and aromas in wine. Our guide has created samples of the core flavours and aromas in wine, for example, oak, citrus, and red fruit. You will try the sample and then taste a wine that we believe has a similar profile.  
Dates: January 21, February 18, March 18. SOLD OUT - MORE SESSIONS COMING IN SPRING


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