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Bill Redelmeier
May 1, 2021 | Bill Redelmeier

Welcome, May!

I can always tell that Mother’s Day is close because the Dandelions and Marsh Marigolds are in bloom.

A sign that our soil is alive, these thriving dandelions are so beneficial - the first food for our bees.

I love dandelions because their colour is so vibrant, and they are some of the favourite Spring food for insects. We used to use lots of the herbicide 2,4-D on the farm in Richmond Hill, to control dandelions in wheat fields and lawns. Since the late 1990s, we changed our point of view. And like us, many others have learned that dandelions can be beautiful and that keeping the grass a bit long is the best way to keep them from taking over.

My old source for Marsh Marygolds in Richmond Hill.

Sometimes we view a weed as a plant out of place, but I believe we can come to cherish them by changing our perspective. As a kid, I trounced through the mud to collect weedy Marsh Marygolds for my Mother's Day bouquet. Many of the species we consider invasive, like Dandelions, Lamb’s Quarters and Pigweed were originally brought here as food plants, but as our tastes changed, so did our attitudes, and we no longer eat them. But why not?


Last week, Chef Bryce made an experimental deadnettle and dandelion pizza with a dusting of Monforte Toscano cheese. Absolutely delicious!

While not available on our regular menu, please do inquire what foraged ingredients we may be able to add in, from week to week.




I would like to thank you all for the fabulous response to the Triomphe sale during April. Your support was overwhelming and we are truly grateful.

As we are down to the last 8 cases of the 2017 Triomphe Merlot, it makes sense to launch the 2018 now with an online preview for the next 3 days. New wines will be available for pick up at the winery from May 4.
The new 2018 Triomphe Merlot will have an introductory price of $24.75 + bottle deposit ($0.20). We are also making the 2018 Triomphe Merlot available on a buy 5, get 6 deal. The 2018 is a bit lighter than the 2017, making it perfect for BBQ and summer fare. Please note that the 2018 Merlot will be available for pick up and delivery orders beginning Monday, May 3, but you can order for delivery from today.
The Triomphe Chardonnay will also be available on a buy 5, get 6 deal as of today.

To get the special six-pack offers, you must select the 6 pack product. The price will update with the discount when you view your cart. Hopefully not too confusing.

We've also revamped our Triomphe Pack with 2 Chardonnay, 2 Merlot, 1 Cabernet Franc and 1 Cabernet Franc Rosé. The new price for the Triomphe Pack is $120.95, all-in. Please note that website will adjust the price in the cart as you check out - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 905-246-1348 or by email at

Any of these would make great Mother’s Day presents! We can deliver them Purple Glove throughout Ontario and by courier/Canada Post across the country.

I am really looking forward to the times when all of us can give the best Mother’s Day present of all: a big hug! Let’s raise a glass to that!!

Once Upon A Time:
Staff member Fabienne giving her Mom, Alice, a big hug.

We are still hoping that we will be able to open the Patio in May, maybe even in time for the May 24 long weekend. At that time the tent will be up, the Muskoka chairs tidied up, and the team ready to deliver your tastings, pizza and charcuterie to your table. Fingers crossed!


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