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Bill Redelmeier
May 15, 2019 | Bill Redelmeier

Did Ontario Chardonnay Age?

This past Sunday, we did the retrospective of the Ontario Chardonnays that were poured in London in 2010. I must admit that I was a bit worried that some might be over the hill. They ranged from 2005 to 2008 vintage, and while they were all top notch in the day it was still a risk. As we Coravined the wines, each wine seemed better and better. The colour on all looked good, and the bouquets seemed fresh and youthful. The palates carried through with the same theme. I won’t go into them wine by wine, but overall they were in fine shape. Tasting older wines is a tough job as the characteristics you look for have changed. You drink young wines for their sheer exuberance, while you appreciate older wines as a contemplation. What was happening when these wines were young? America had a young, hopeful President, Canada was trying with our neighbours to work our way out of financial troubles and these wines were trying to show what Ontario was capable of in the world of wine.

The wines showed great depth of hazelnut, butterscotch canned peaches and fresh lemon. I would love to open any one of them to share with friends. My suggestion of matching with roast turkey or chicken was met with “ how about just on their own”? I would agree

My conclusions? If you have some quality Ontario Chard in the cellar, there is no rush to drink them. If you don’t have any in your cellar, you should rush to get some! If you are interested in trying this tasting, we will be repeating this twice as part of 4C in July. You don’t have to have I4C tickets to join us: more info will follow.


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