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Southbrook Farms Limited

The Oak Room

The centrepiece of the Oak Room — itself the centre of our people space — is a striking wooden table designed by architect Jack Diamond.

Our Heart of Hearts is Built of Solid Oak



Our oak table connects the new Niagara vineyard to Southbrook’s original Richmond Hill property. Proprietor Bill Redelmeier salvaged an oak and a maple tree that were marked for cutting to accommodate the building of a school on the old winery site. Bill had the wood kiln-dried and then asked the architect, Jack Diamond, to create a design that would honour a thousand treasured memories while preserving the timber’s “live” edges.

The oak-topped table comfortably accommodates 14 people for in-depth wine tastings or intimate dinners. The Oak Room is positioned at the centre of the building, the point where all of Southbrook’s circular design elements converge. Counterpoint to the impressively linear design of the rest of the building, this roundness offers an “embrace.” It’s a theme that plays out through the chairs, the wine barrels, and our OXOline® barrel racks, right down to the curves in the table, the wine glasses and the wine bottles. 

We want you to feel our winery’s warmth, to sense the wine lover in you being gently coaxed out and indulged.

Photogallery rendered here.

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