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Southbrook Farms Limited

Purple Glove Delivery

Direct Delivery to your door is available in Niagara, Hamilton, Oakville, Toronto, Mississagua, Richmond Hill, Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo, Stratford and London.  Put Purple Glove Delivery in the Add Gift Message or Special Instructions during Checkout. This box is found after you type in your shipping address.

 If you forget to include Purple Glove Delivery there is no need to worry as any order placed within the Purple Glove delivery zones will automatically be assigned to Purple Glove.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $120.  $25 plus HST flat rate shipping on Purple Glove and Canada Post orders under $120.
If you are in the area, you can order wine for pick up, or we are offering curbside ordering and pick up from Monday to Sunday. When you arrive, phone us at 905-246-1348 and we will take your order, pick and pack it and put it directly into the trunk of your vehicle. This should take less than 10 minutes. 
Thank you for your support and we hope to be able to continue to serve you and have our wine provide you a little pleasure.

If you have any ideas on how we can serve you even better, I’d love to hear it, so please send me a note.

Thank you,

Bill Redelmeier

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Five Charitable Donations

I was raised to give back to my community. Whether serving on Boards or volunteering time and resources, leading or following, my family and I are always there.  In these days, Boards meet by Zoom, fundraisers are by Zoom, everyone is just trying to survive…and I want to do something to help.

My offer is that for every $100 online order placed between October 20 and December 24, 2020,  I will donate $10 to one of my five chosen charities. ME, not Southbrook. That is, if you order $101 worth of wine, including delivery and taxes, I will donate $10. If you order $210, $20. There is no maximum amount.  All you have to do is to insert the name of the charity in the add gift message or special instruction box when you order.  You will see this box after you put in your shipping address.

I decided to let you choose out of five different charities that are important to me and that cover a wide range of issues.  Please tell your friends about this if you think that it is worthy and tell them the offer stands for them too.  I would love to send as much money as I can. Please – make me give until it hurts. 

The five charities I have chosen to support are as follows:

1) Yellow Brick House - I have served on the Board and did fundraising for them.
2) The Safe Water Project - Founded by Bruce Taylor who I met at the Clean50 and who spearheaded our aggressive energy conservation program, the SWP works with locals to install systems to clean water of bacteria and viruses to make it potable, while using no outside energy.
3) Mackenzie Health - Formerly called York Central Hospital, the hospital was built on part of our farm in the 1960’s. My father served on the Board from before it was built, and our family has been involved ever since.
4)The David Suzuki Foundation - The clearing house for environmental issues. Leaders in, among other things, research on Neonicotinoids, GMOs and biodiversity, all things I consider important.
5) The Royal Ontario Museum - My mother became involved with the ROM in the mid 1930’s, worked there, studied there, helped found the volunteer committee in the 1950’s, led them in the 60’s, served on the Board in the 70’s, was the Chair in the 80’s and is still very involved. I think that she derived more pleasure from her involvement with the ROM than any of her many other outside engagements.

I would like to donate to all of these, and with your support, I will!

Thank you - Bill Redelmeier