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Supporting Local

Some 90% of Southbrook’s market is within 160 kilometres of the winery. We support the Green Belt and thus the local economy by 12 times more than any import brand can. And we are certified by Local Food Plus.

Here's to Ontario Rocking the World



Southbrook believes that every winery in this country has a duty to be a Canadian wine ambassador. We don’t think of our fellow Canadian wineries as competitors, but rather as colleagues. In line with this, in 2010 Bill Redelmeier conceived of the Seriously Cool Chardonnay event in London, England to advocate for Ontario Chardonnays on an international scale. The London tasting inspired a subsequent 2011 event in New York City. The goal, however, wasn’t about increasing international sales but about gaining the recognition that would be meaningful to wine drinkers at home.

Awarded Canada's Local Sustainable Food Certification 



Furthering our promotion of all things local, in 2009, Southbrook received Local Food Plus (LFP) certification. LFP is an award-winning non-profit organization that certifies local sustainable food producers that reduce or eliminate pesticide use, treat their animals humanely, conserve soil and water, protect wildlife habitat, provide safe and fair working conditions, reduce energy use and sell locally where possible.

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