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Southbrook Vineyards Loyalty Points FAQ


How do I start earning loyalty points? – Loyalty Points are earned by becoming a member of the Southbrook Community.  If you are already a member and have registered your account, then you are ready to earn points!  If you would like to sign up , click here to register.

How many points do I earn?  - You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on our website, retail store and Farmers’ Markets.  Note: No half points are awarded ex:  Spend $15.95 = 15 points, $16.05 = 16 points.

When will my Loyalty Points be applied to my account? – Points will be applied immediately after your purchase.  Your updated points balance with be reflected on your email receipt.

Note – If you sign up to the Southbrook Community at our retail store, points from your first purchase will take 2-3 business days to apply.  All future purchases will be applied immediately.

What can be redeemed with my Loyalty Points? - Loyalty Points can be used for any Southbrook Vineyards products including : wine, events, accessories, & preserves.  Loyalty points cannot be used for food on the Southbrook Patio.

How Do I Redeem my Loyalty Points? – Points are redeemed when you reach the Payment Method section of the checkout.  Once there, click the Points Banner at the top.  From here the system will show you how many points you have and how many  points will be needed to redeem the items in your cart.  Note – You can split your purchase between points and Credit Card.

Why does it say “ Email Already in Use” when completing registration? – This happens when your email is registered but your password has yet to be created.  To fix this, click “Log In” and Forgot Username or password?  This will allow you to reset, then create a new password.


Fine Print

  • Loyalty Points will expire after 1 year of inactivity
  • Loyalty Points cannot be applied towards shipping or taxes.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be transferred to another party.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be used with other discounts or offers.
  • Loyalty Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be assigned, exchanged, purchased or given by gift. Loyalty Points cannot be sold, traded, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of. Loyalty Points are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.
  • If a split payment is done, Loyalty Points will only be awarded to the portion of the sale which used Credit Card/Debit or cash
  • If you return, exchange or cancel any part of your order, Loyalty Points will be forfeited for the item(s) cancelled, returned or exchanged.

If you are experiencing issues or have any questions or concerns please email us