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Southbrook Farms Limited

Christine Montana - Retail Manager



The newest member of the Southbrook team, Christine brings a plethora of leadership experience and strong work ethic to InterVin’s 2012 Winery of the Year. Building on an already solid foundation, Christine has worked closely with Bill and the staff to help generate new and exciting ideas for an unforgettable customer experience.

Whether it is her profound knowledge of leadership techniques, or that she takes as much pride in being a mother and wife as she does in being a successful businesswoman, Christine knows what it takes to make her staff feel valued. Creating a positive and mentoring work environment, Christine excels at making sure staff are ready and qualified to complete each task they face.

Always ready to deal with whatever life throws at her, Christine is excited about the future of Southbrook Vineyards, and her role going forward. There is no end in sight to the great things happening at Southbrook!