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Bill Redelmeier, Proprietor



A passionate entrepreneur and connoisseur of food and fine wine, Bill Redelmeier, together with his partner Marilyn, evolved Bill’s family business from a cattle farm on a 19th century property in Richmond Hill, through to a roadside vegetable stand in the 1980s, to a thriving garden market, and now an award-winning winery.

Bill’s agricultural roots run deep – he honed his skills and knowledge at the University of Guelph and was an active supporter of local growers long before the expression “locavore” was coined.

In 2005, Bill chose to reinvest in agriculture by purchasing a 74-acre vineyard in the heart of Ontario wine country in Niagara-on-the-Lake. He doubled his holdings to approximately 150 acres of prime viticultural land in the spring of 2008. With this significant investment located within the Green Belt, Bill has intentionally chosen to become a part of this region’s agricultural heritage for generations to come.

Bill has pursued certifications for both the vineyard and the winery – including LEED, biodynamic and organic certification – clearly demonstrating leadership and commitment to environmental concerns, quality winemaking, and outstanding customer experience.

Bill is a board member of the Vintners Quality Alliance (Ontario), the Wine Council of Ontario, and Fruit Wines of Canada.

In 2010, Bill conceived of and organized the highly successful “Seriously Cool Chardonnay” event in Ontario and the UK, to promote and showcase Ontario’s excellent Chardonnays on an international platform.


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