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Whimsy!/Estate Grown Small Lot
2013 Semillon
2012 Winemakers' White
2012 Minerality Chardonnay
2012 Cabernet Franc
The Anniversary
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Where our winemakers go to play.

These are small batch, artisanal wines that keep life interesting for Southbrook’s winemakers — and thrilling for oenophiles. Each paint dab on the label represents a different varietal in the Southbrook palette, an interesting design element that ties Whimsy! to all our other label families. As of 2015, we will be changing the designation for these individualistic bottles to Estate Grown Small Lot.

Art you Can Sip

Whimsy! always pushes limits. Our idea was to give the winemaker wide latitude, to try new techniques with individual lots or to allow each to be what it wants to be. The final result may be the ultimate expression of the particular varietal, or it may be utterly idiosyncratic. Either way, each Whimsy! is a singular work of art.

Its own Fingerprint

What the Whimsy! label declares is that its wine is a one of a kind, never to be repeated. The artistry comes through in the combination of elements — the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Enjoy it for a creative lift — or when celebrating one.


Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
2013 Estate Grown Small Lot Semillon $34.95
2012 'Minerality' Chardonnay $34.95
2012 Winemakers' White $29.95


Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
The Anniversary $19.95



Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
2012 Cabernet Franc $34.95