Our artist series of wines, Poetica is truly where The Lover and The Creator intersect.

Archetypal Analysis

As part of our transforming Southbrook Winery into Southbrook Vineyards in 2007, we spent some time deciding “who” Southbrook was and who we wanted to be. Using the overlay of archetypal analysis, we discovered that our truest identities are those of The Lover and The Creator. This revelation has influenced so much of our decision-making and design sensibilities, and it led to the Poetica concept.

Love, Bottled

Poeticas are not made every year. When the vintage excels, we select one white and/or one red to become Poetica. The poetry on the labels is drawn from the work of a wide cross-section of talented Canadian poets and reflects, in some way, a love theme. The wine honours the poem on the label, and the poem honours the wine in the bottle.

Our Terroir Strong and Free

We have made 14 wines in the Poetica family featuring outstanding vintages from 1998 to 2010. These grape varieties demonstrate what we love about the terroir of Niagara-on-the-Lake. In showcasing wines that go back more than a decade, Southbrook is celebrating Niagara’s ability to produce excellent wines that age beautifully. Most are from tiny batches, with limited edition numbering on the bottles.

Working with the Southbrook team to design the new iconography and wine labels was Toronto-based graphic designer Laura Wills of Messenger. In seeking to capture the sensuous character of these wines she created the Poetica concept and name, and researched the poets whose work we’ve celebrated on our bottles.

Forever Poetica

Southbrook plans to continue the Poetica series indefinitely, as part of our ongoing support for the arts in Canada.

Poetica Whites

Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
2013 Chardonnay $49.95


Poetica Reds

Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
2007 Cabernet Merlot $54.95 (750ml)
Sold Out (375ml)




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