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Our People

In the same way that we create an environment for each vine to express itself fully, we  also celebrate and nurture the unique qualities of all of our employees. But what we all have in common is important too – a commitment to Southbrook, our customers and our future.

Marilyn & Bill Redelmeier, Owners

Marilyn & Bill RedelmeierThey have been dubbed "the biodynamic duo" with good reason. Marilyn and Bill have committed themselves to jointly guiding Southbrook on its new path, emphasizing environmental leadership and quality customer experience. Their strengths are complementary. Marilyn brings focus to financial planning and reporting, day-to-day management and employee motivation. Bill is our industry liaison, new product developer and Chief Storyteller. Both share a deep pride in what Southbrook is and where it has come from, and they are both dedicated to what Southbrook can become.

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Marilyn Redelmeier
Bill Redelmeier

Our Vinegrowers and Winemakers

Scott Jones and Ann Sperling in the vineyardAn inseparable team because their goal is one and the same – to grow the best wines that express their origins with authenticity and integrity. The team is led by Ann Sperling, Director of Winemaking and Viticulture. Ann was integral to Southbrook's transition from winemaker to winegrower, having introduced Marilyn and Bill Redelmeier to the property in Niagara-on-the-Lake that has become our new home. Her commitment to managing our vineyard organically and biodynamically is met with equal dedication by our Vineyard Manager Scott Jones, our Winemaker Brian Hamilton and our Assistant Winemaker Regan Kapach.
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Our Wine Lovers

Wine LoversThey aren't sales clerks, they aren't even associates, they are Wine Lovers.  They love wine and they love sharing their enthusiasm, their knowledge and above all, they love sharing stories — ours and yours. Our Wine Lovers come to us with a wide variety of life experiences and we feel that this brings a richness to your experience in our Tasting Room. Our Wine Lovers are integral to the Southbrook philosophy and we value their skills, sensibilities and dedication.
If you have any ideas to help us further the quality of your experience of Southbrook, we are always glad to hear from you.

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