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Our Niagara Estate
The Vineyard
Hospitality Pavilion
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Our Niagara Estate
Our Niagara Estate

The way we do things — the growing of grapes, the making of wine, the presentation of final product to visitors and customers — means life at the winery takes on its own singular rhythms and sensations.

Hospitality Pavilion & Tasting Room: Can Architecture Influence Wines?

When we were planning the Southbrook Vineyards facilities in Niagara, we wanted an operation that would stand as a statement in low-impact agriculture, facilities and business ethos. But when we finally set eyes upon what our architects had designed for us, we knew we had found a potent blend of practice and facility.

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Winemaking: How Knowing Your Vines Informs Your Wines

Winegrower's Hands by Steve ElphickTo us, making the finest wines possible stems from a traditional approach. We work in small batches and tend to our vines by hand, with care and in no hurry. Even our grape sorting is fully hands-on. This artisanal approach doesn’t end with fermentation: time-honored techniques are applied to coaxing our whites, reds and rosés to maturity.

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