Linc Farm is excited to announce that they are now taking orders for lamb! Orders can be placed for a whole (~45lb) or half lamb, both at $8.99/lb. All Southbrook lamb is born and raised humanely on property with minimal intervention. They spend their entire lives outdoors, feeding from Southbrook’s certified Organic and Biodynamic pastures as they fertilize the vineyard and help to promote biodiversity. All Southbrook lambs are raised GMO-free and chemical-free.

To order your lamb and arrange delivery please contact Juliet or Martin at or by phone at 905-984-0987.

Linc Farm free-range, soy-free, non-GMO, pork will also be available to order in the spring so sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with ordering information.


Linc Farm History

Many Southbrook fans and guests may not realize that at the very back of the 150-acre property lies a small barn and barnyard that houses 70 ewes, two rams, their lambs, two horses, one sheep guardian dog, several chickens, two cats and the newest addition, Heritage pigs. It is in this idyllic setting where you will find Linc Farm!

Linc Farm @Southbrook is run by Juliet Orazietti and her husband Martin Weber who are responsible for all the farm animals that are integral to Southbrook’s biodynamic operations. One of Juliet and Martin’s responsibilities is to shepherd the Southbrook sheep throughout the vineyard during the warmer months to convert solar-powered pasture into nutrition for the vines.

Juliet is no stranger to the Southbrook family as she and her mother Ann Sperling, Southbrook’s Winemaker, have been helping raise and breed the Southbrook sheep since 2009. In fact, Juliet chose the ewes that we were first brought to Southbrook and has delivered the Southbrook lambs every year except for 2014 and 2015. During her absence, Juliet was in Vienna working on her Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics. It is at the University where she met her husband Martin who also is a Master of Livestock Science.

Juliet and Martin returned to Southbrook Vineyards and Niagara-on-the-Lake this spring and were happy to take over the existing farm and create Linc Farm @Southbrook.

Southbrook Vineyards retail store is currently selling throw (52” by 76”) and queen (76” x 104”) blankets made from the wool of our very own Southbrook sheep! Each blanket is designed to keep you warm during the cold winter months. These woolen blankets were made by MacAusland’s Woolen Mills in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island and are the perfect addition to your home or the ideal present for a loved one. You will want to act quickly, as our blankets are in high demand and will not last long! Please call the winery for pricing and availability.

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