Fruit Wines
Fruit Wines

When life gives you raspberries…

Once upon a time back in 1992, it was too wet on weekends for our pick-your-own-raspberries operation to keep busy, but we still had the ripe raspberries. Boy, did we have raspberries. We decided we’d freeze them, intending to make jam later on. But instead of the anticipated 400 to 500 pounds, we ended up with three tons. That was a touch more jam than we’d ever be able to contend with. So was born our raspberry wine.

Perfection of Technique

Once we’d refined our technique and launched Framboise we added new tastes like Cassis (blackcurrants) and Blueberry to the lineup, creating a family of fruit wines that we consider dessert wine. Our goal was to capture the fresh-picked taste and aroma of the fruit. We achieve this by stopping fermentation early and adding alcohol, much the way fortified wines such as port are made.

Southbrook at Harrods: A Winning Combination

Our signature Framboise was the first Ontario fruit wine ever sold to Harrods in the UK. This brought Ontario fruit wine much global attention in the 1990s. It was also the only fruit wine to win a gold medal at the 1997 International Wine & Spirit Competition and has been winning rave reviews and other international awards ever since.

Framboise is THE wine to pair with chocolate — white, milk or dark. Our fruit wines also excel in food and drinks. Blend a small pour of Framboise in your sparkling wine or even sparkling water, for a lovely aperitif. Macerate any seasonal, fresh fruit in fruit wine and then pour over ice cream or cheesecake. And be creative in the kitchen by combining fruit wine with your savoury recipes — blueberry, wild mushrooms and rosemary with your lamb, Framboise with chicken. And do tell us what you discover.

Fruit Wines

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Canadian Framboise $18.95




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