From our farm to your table

These hand-made wines express the interaction of our site, soil, climate, vintage and the human influence in the vineyard and winery that combine to create our unique terroir.

Grounded in tradition, inspired to innovate

From our organic and biodynamic vineyards, we hand harvest grapes at peak of ripeness, carefully sort, and prepare for fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Then winemaker Ann Sperling’s deep experience and creativity guide the development to create wines of elegance and distinction.

2013 Estate Barrel Series

Enter the world of the winemaker, and experience the fine variables that go into crafting our wines. With our 2013 Estate Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc bottlings, winemaker Ann Sperling offers a unique glimpse into how subtle differences between barrels effect are expressed in the glass to winemaking students, sommeliers and all those curious about wine.

These can be purchased as sets now and will be released individually through 2016.

The designations refer to either the forest from which the wood for the barrels was harvested, or a unique method of cooperage. Within the 2013 Estate Chardonnay selections, we will offer ‘Vosges’, ‘Jupilles’, ‘Alliers’ and ‘Moon Barrel’. The Estate Cabernet Franc series offers ‘Vosges’, ‘Bertranges’, ‘Colbert’, ‘Revelation’, ‘Moon Barrel’ and ‘Missouri’.


Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
2016 Small Lot Orange Wine $29.95
2012 Estate 'Wild Ferment' Chardonnay $34.95


Vintage/Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability

2016 Estate Cabernet Rose



Vintage / Varietal Price (Ontario) Availability
2013 Estate Cabernet Franc '101' $34.95
2013 Estate 'Witness Block' Cab. Sauvignon/Cab. Franc $39.95




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